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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Diamond Ring Ice Tray

The silicone Diamond Ice Makers can be filled with anything. Try filling them with fruit juice to make your own flavoured ice cubes or shaped lollies. Why not freeze water with cut up pieces of fruit to make attractive, flavoured ice cubes a brilliant idea for parties. And kids will love them too.

This giant Diamond Ice Cube will also take much longer to melt than regular small ice cubes. This means your drinks stay cooler for longer always a bonus.

Thinking of proposing to your girlfriend? A great idea would be to freeze the engagement ring in the giant diamond ice cube then pop the ice in her drink and wait! Ice with ice inside! A novel and exciting way to pop the question.

The way to achieve the perfect non-cracked ice cube with no cloudiness is to follow these instructions:
  • Use filtered water
  • Boil your water for a few minutes
  • Do not fill the entire mould with water as it will crack when it freezes. Make sure to leave some room for expansion.
diamond ring ice tray
This will guarantee you get the clearest most perfect diamond shaped ice cube possible.

The Big Diamond Ice Maker is a fantastic gift idea. Its perfect for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, Valentines anytime. Why not take one to a dinner party instead of the usual bottle of wine or box of chocolates your host will love it and its a real talking point. It makes a brilliant alternative to the usual Thank You gifts. Also a great idea as a stocking filler or as a Secret Santa gift.

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