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Monday, October 31, 2011

New technology:Marine Rubber Airbag For Ship Launching and Landing

As we all know rubber products is widely used in our daily life,however they are also used in other fileds.
  • Rubber air-bag design scientific and reasonable to the pocket of rubber, prefabricated or site side of the finished product, each component of good design of the tiles and rubber airbag simple operation, save labor, save time, save the material.
  • Rubber air-bag has a good performance of aging resistance, service life long rubber airbag functions using synthetic rubber, natural rubber and the reinforcing fiber layer is made from sulfur. A very good resistance to the strength and elasticity of the release, flexibility, rubber airbag meet different working conditions in the use of the building.
  • Rubber airbag current temperature - 10 degrees Celsius range 90 degrees Celsius, which is covered by the rubber material used to change airbag.  
  • The rubber bag Bridges site for the construction of a simplified supply conditions of the concrete beams, quarry tiles concrete components, because the use of the rubber bag, the weight of the parcel of prestressed light for more 20%, thus reducing the weight of the upper structure of the building, pile foundation can shorten the span increases, a safe and convenient place on the building.
  • The stock rubber technology building, a simple, safe, sanitary use a rubber bag, just a couple of simple tools, no particular process.   
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