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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Different Rubber Seal Rings

The main function of the seal ring is to prevent the oil, water and decay and thus to seal the gas. Simply speaking, it is used to prevent the leakage.

Although the general function is similar, different seal rings still have their specific functions. O-ring is mainly applied for the static seal and alternating motion seal. When it is used in the orbiting seal, it can only be used in the equipment with low speed. As for the V-ring, it is often installed groove in the outer circle or inner circle.We always have three type of rings ,V,U,Y,all of their details as follows:

It is used in the alternating motion. Its section is V-shaped. It is seldom used alone. In normal situation, it is often combined with plunger ring, supporting ring and several V-seal rings. The numbers of this ring depend on the sealing pressure. The V-seal ring is molded by the rubber fabric or pure rubber mold. Nitrile -butadiene rubber is often used as the sizing material. As for the chuck ring and supporting ring, they are often pressed by the hard rubber fabric or plastics. It is said that this combination is mainly applied in the following equipments, such as plunger or piston of the heavy equipment. Meanwhile, because this combination is characterized by the good stability and abrasive resistance and it also can prevent the seal ring into the gap, it is the best seal tool even though the working condition is very harsh. What's more, this ring is applicable for the medium, such as hydraulic oil, water and emulsified liquid. The suitable pressure and temperature are separately 40 MPa and -30~120 Celsius temperature.

This ring section is U-shaped. So it is called U-ring. It can be separated into two kinds, namely rubber type and wrapped type. Generally speaking, the wrapped type is usually combined with a rubber supporting ring. This seal ring is mainly used in the cylinder rod of a fluid cylinder and its medium is liquid oil, water and emulsible oil. Because the coated fabric has the good surface structure and can keep the ideal lubrication when the mental slides, this ring is of great help to reduce the friction and improve the service performance. As for the pure rubber U-ring, its working condition is similar to the Y-ring.

As a kind of rubber seal ring s used in the alternating motion, Y-rubber seal ring's section is Y shape. So it is called Y-ring for short. In normal situation, it is applied in the operating system for the fluid pressure or gas pressure. It is very simple in structure and the effectiveness of seal is quite good. Its applicable working pressure and temperature are separately 16MPa and -30~120 Celsius temperature.

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